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Harbor Freight Predator 212cc Engines - Hemi Vs. Non-Hemi

Harbor Freight Predator 212cc Engines - Hemi Vs. Non-Hemi

There are a lot of parts on the Predator 212cc that you can upgrade and get a lot more performance out of your engine.

The “first three” should be your air filter and adapter, jet kit and your exhaust. This way you can tune your engine properly. After that, look into some billet parts such as billet predator flywheels or connecting rods.

If you need any help, take a look at Predator 212cc Engine Performance Forum

Predator Performance Air Filter Kit - $26

(1) Air Filter
(1) Adapter to fit GX200/Clones
(1) Choke hold bracket
(1) Gasket
(1) Carburetor Stud

Predator Go Kart Kit - Air Filter, Jets, Springs, & More! - $84.99

Need help or advice with a Baja Motorsports Product? Check out our dedicated Baja Forum @

Baja Motorsports Forum

987899001 Baja OEM 2.8HP Engine

Replaced by part #DB30R-186

For Baja Doodle Bug DB30, Blitz, Racer, Dirt Bug, Viper, etc.

  • 97cc four-stroke (2.8Hp)engine, no mixing of gas and oil needed

Click here to purchase the 97cc Baja Doodlebug Engine for $140

Small Engine Repair Forum

Small Engine Repair Forum is a new forum dedicated to small engines that are found mostly on outdoor power equipment, such as snow blowers, generators, go-karts/minibikes, etc, etc.

Looking for parts for your Baja Doodlebug or Warrior?
Baja Motorsports Parts

OMB Warehouse carries the full line of Baja parts including their Go-Karts, ATVs, Scooters and more.

OMB Warehouse on eBay Mini Bike, Go Kart & Outdoor Power Equipment Parts also carries the full line of available Baja Motorsports Parts - Including Go-Karts, Dirt Bikes (DR70/ DR90), scooters and more.

Baja Motorsports Parts

Coleman CT200U Mini Bike

Coleman CT200U Mini Bike

The Coleman Trail200U is a nostalgic, reliable,
affordable off-road mini bike that will take an
adult back to their childhood. Carrying racks
on the classic design give you a great look
with added utility. The Coleman Trail200U will
provide years of fun on the trail for the entire

Coleman CT200U Mini Trail Bike TAV

Coleman CT200U Brake Parts

Take a look at some of the comments and reviews on the doodle bug mini bike:

Doodle Bug Mini Bike Forum

cabelas coleman mini bike

Coleman Mini Bike from Cabelas

Coleman Mini Bike from Cabelas

Four-stroke OHV pull-start engine 6.5hp 196cc Centrifugal clutch 200-lb. capacity Oversized tires

DJ1005 BSP U Build It 196cc Dupor Clone
DJ1005 BSP U Build It 196cc Dupor Clone

New BSP You-Build-It Kit includes:

New BSP 6.5HP Engine w/o fuel tank
Trademarked BSP motor with max stroke crank.

DJ-2225 CNC bored and jetted .615″ carb!
NEW BSP-2 Box Stock racing cam pre-installed in engine.
Billet steel flywheel mandatory for 2012 BSP class! You can also upgrade to a billet aluminum flywheel for an additional $50.00
ARC top plate/throttle hookup
ARC *NEW* upgraded billet air filter adaptor
Choke hold bracket
Fuel pump
Pulse inlet fitting
Angled air filter
5′ fuel hose
BIG Bertha Chain guard/heat shield
High tension valve springs (new product as of 7/15/12)
AR3910X spark plug

*The default cam is the BSP-2 which is best for restrictor plate engines, unrestricted engines on small dirt tracks where RPM fluctuates a lot each lap, or smaller sprint track engines.
*The alternate cam is the CL1i which is best for large dirt oval tracks or any track where sustained, high RPM is normal.

You will still need a clutch and header to make this motor complete!

2009 Box Stock Build Video
Picture represents how the engine will look after you build it.

BSP U-Build-It Engine Kit - $285

212 cc OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine - Certified for California

212 cc OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine

Replacement for 6.5 HP Engines Gas-saving overhead valves for cooler, cleaner performance and longer life.

This is a great replacement / upgrade for most mini bikes, go karts, bar stool racers or anything powered by a horizontal shaft small engine. Small Engine Forum

doodlebug engine upgrade kit

Doodle Bug Engine Swap Kit

Plate measures 6″ x 7-1/2″

This is the plate to install a larger engine such as a Honda Clone 6.5, Predator Engine, Tecumseh or Briggs onto your Baja Motor Sports Doodle Bug / Dirt Bug / Dirt Racer.

Comes with hardware, ready to bolt on.

Old Style DB30:

Doodle Bug Parts

New Style DoodleBug

Baja DB30 Parts

Baja Warrior / MB165 / MB200
Baja Warrior MB165 / MB200 Parts

Check the parts PDF files for prices and availability. Call OMBWarehouse @ 267-580-5824

97cc carburetor for Baja Blitz, Dirt Bug, Doodle Bug, and Racer mini bikes. This is an OEM replacement carburetor with a 3/4″ (19 mm) diameter intake. Manual choke, fuel shut off valve, and is manufacturered by Huayi, and designed in Japan.

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